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In response to social concerns, the National Cutural Heritage Administration will continue to solve the problem of difficult museum reservations

Date: 2023-08-08

Recently, Liu Yang, Director of the Department of Museums and Social Cultural Relics of the National Cutural Heritage Administration, responded to the "museum craze continues to heat up, and some museums are difficult to make reservations" at a series of themed press conferences held by the State Council Information Office.

In response to these problems, the National Cutural Heritage Administration responded to social concerns in a timely manner and took a series of measures. On July 14, it issued the Notice on Strengthening the Opening Service of Museums in Summer Holidays and Other Holidays. Multiple museums across the country have also taken a series of measures to optimize their services. The National Museum of China has recently collaborated with the Beijing police to launch a special crackdown on "scalpers" who sell free tickets at increased prices.

Liu Yang revealed that in the next step, the National Cutural Heritage Administration will continue to strengthen its work from the following aspects: First, expand service supply and ease the contradiction between supply and demand. Focus on strengthening the promotion and promotion of some non popular high-quality museums, and provide more choices for the public to visit museums. The second is to strengthen departmental linkage and form regulatory synergy. Strengthen cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security, conduct special research on specific measures to crack down on the "scalpers", and increase the intensity of review, supervision, and crackdown. The third is to innovate work ideas and improve appointment mechanisms. Guide various regions to improve the level of reservation management by scheduling appointments, dynamically releasing tickets, and optimizing and upgrading reservation systems. At the same time, establish a "blacklist" system to increase the cost of malicious ticket grabbing, hoarding, and breaking appointments. The fourth is to strengthen the certification of social explanation qualifications, maintain visiting order, and optimize the visiting experience.