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Into the Xianyang Cultural Relics Essence Exhibition

Date: 2021-09-07

National treasure-level cultural relics of the Western Zhou Dynasty Chunhua big tripod, the exquisite and exquisite Western Han Dynasty jade fairy riding a horse, the "Tianyuan Empress Dowager's Seal" witnessing the legendary life of the Northern Zhou Dynasty Empress Wude... At the "Fragrant-Xianyang Cultural Relics Exhibition", a large number of precious cultural relics came into view, telling the long history of the ancient capital Xianyang.

Xianyang is located in the hinterland of Guanzhong, and has been known as the "great land of Kyushu" since ancient times. Xianyang is the capital of 13 dynasties or the land of Gyeonggi in Chinese history, leaving a rich historical and cultural heritage. The city's collection of cultural relics is more than 590,000 pieces (sets), and the total number of collections is at the forefront of Shaanxi Province.

This exhibition is the first large-scale display of the most representative cultural relics from various historical periods in Xianyang. It is divided into four units: "Gentle and Elegant in Jade", "Light of Bronze", "Gold and Silver Striving for Glory" and "Porcelain Rhyme". 83 pieces (groups) of cultural relics, including 38 pieces (groups) of cultural relics collected by Xianyang Museum, and 45 pieces (groups) of cultural relics from cultural institutions in the city, counties and cities.

"Xianyang Museum and 15 cultural and museum units in the city jointly organized this exhibition, with novel display methods, reflecting the regional characteristics of the collection, and presenting a unique cultural feast for the public." said Ma Sheqiang, director of Xianyang Museum.

The Chunhua Great Ding is a national treasure that has attracted much attention in the exhibition. "It is also known as the Five-Ear Ding Ding with Animal Face Pattern and the Tongue Tong Ding of the Western Zhou Dynasty. It was unearthed in Shijiayuan Village, Chunhua County, Xianyang, Shaanxi in 1979. List of cultural relics for exhibition abroad." Liu Qianyi, a lecturer from Xianyang Museum, introduced. This Dingtong is 122 cm in height, 83 cm in diameter, and 226 kg in weight. The shape is burly, thick and dignified. The most distinctive feature is that there are 3 semi-circular big ears cast on the abdominal wall. The shape is a special case. So far, only this one has been seen. .

The Golden Seal of the "Tianyuan Empress Dowager's Seal" of the Northern Zhou Dynasty was a treasure recovered from the dealers of cultural relics by the public security organs, and was rated as a national first-class cultural relic. The owner of the golden seal is the only Queen of the Turkic tribe in the history of China. This golden seal was a token used by Ashina's grandson during the reign of Emperor Zhou Jing, and it was the earliest golden seal of the empress dowager in history.

The exhibition is hosted by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Xianyang Municipal Committee and the Xianyang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and undertaken by the Xianyang Museum. It will last until the end of December this year.